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A Culture of Security

How the people at Axon protect your data

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Our “Security Minded” blog series is updated every Tuesday with need-to-know information about our commitment to keeping the data in safe. In our second video installment, Jenner Holden, our SVP of Information Security, will tell you more about our team and the culture of security they create across our organization. Read below for more detail, and check in next Tuesday to learn more about how security relates to our practices and products.

The power of people

Even the finest tech infrastructures and security systems are only as strong as the people who create and defend them. After all, the attackers who most often threaten law enforcement data are not bots—they're real people with harmful intentions. So we need real people to do the work to stop them. Axon's mission to protect life draws in top talent from across the tech industry who want to take on the security challenges law enforcement agencies face.

What makes an information security team?

Our information security team is made up of experts solely focused on protecting your data. Our Security Engineers build systems and products securely, and test them for vulnerabilities throughout the design process and beyond. Our Security Operations crew monitors suspicious activity on a global scale and blocks attacks. Then there's our Compliance & Trust group, who handle compliance with security standards—and the audits, certifications, and internal practices that entails. We bolster our team's experience with top-tier training courses and events to stay ahead of the curve. In the last few years, we've networked with top security professionals at major conferences like DefCon and RSA to stay up on the latest tips and advances in the realm of information security.

Not just one team-an entire company

Our commitment to data security extends to every part of our company, and we ensure that each one of us, not just our information security team, takes the protection of your information seriously. From the day they're hired, every employee becomes a part of our security mission. It starts even before their first day, because we background-check each employee before they begin the job. And everyone's subject to fingerprinting and varying role-based security clearances, including FBI CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) background screenings. Plus, no matter their position, employees get annual and role-specific security training about the threats out there and what it takes to safeguard against them (think password protection, avoiding phishing attacks, and locking computers, for starters). All of this adds up to a culture of security across our organization, from Scottsdale to Seattle to Amsterdam and London and beyond. We can't stop threats from existing, but you can bet we'll do everything in our power to stop them from affecting your critical data.

This network's got your back

The more agencies that are a part of the Axon network, the stronger it is. If a single agency experiences an attack, our security team can immediately use that information and not only defend that agency, but also apply related protections to all other agencies that are part of the Axon network. Being a part of the Axon network allows you to join an increasingly robust community; a united front dedicated to making the community a safer place.

Want to learn more about the importance of information security and how Axon can help? Watch our latest security video and on-demand webinar to learn more about our compliance with national security standards, and read the details of our comprehensive CJIS compliance. Don't forget to check back next week for our next "Security Matters" post!

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