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Axon Accelerate 2017 Recap

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Last year, we came together and asked ourselves, "How can we better the lives of the heroes who use our products and hear from them?" This led to the beginning of Axon Accelerate, our annual User Conference.

We developed Axon Accelerate to share knowledge and experience between industry veterans and newcomers alike and empower the folks who protect our communities. We take the two-day conference as an opportunity to listen to the people who use our products the most, hear stories from officers who protect life, and gain feedback so we can improve those products and help you get to the future faster.

For those of you who missed out, here's a quick recap. The 2017 Axon Accelerate conference featured:

  • 3 keynote presentations
  • 8 product booths
  • 47 sessions
  • 635 attendees

Our opening keynote was jam-packed with new revelations. Rick Smith, our CEO and co-founder, introduced the Axon team who will help steer and accelerate our path to the future, including David Luan, our Director of AI. We unveiled Axon Records and gave attendees an exclusive sneak peek at the new records management system we're developing to automate tedious processes and reduce paperwork. And we introduced our new Voice of Customer program, because we want to keep your feedback in our minds as we define the next generation of Axon products. To get a complete look at all our announcements watch our keynote below:

We brought our Fleet demo car to the conference, so attendees could get a better look at the in-car solutions we've developed and experience the technology in person. Our product managers ran booths to showcase our devices, including the new Signal Sidearm holster. And our Axon Museum and Innovation Room charted the journey that Axon has taken through technology, from the first TASER devices to the newest developments in virtual reality.

There's no doubt that technology is changing the world, and our top breakout sessions only highlighted that fact. Ten years ago the world was a very different place, and sessions like Transparency vs. Privacy: When and How to Release BWC Footage and For Your Eyes Only?: BWC Policies and Best Practices exemplified the evolving importance of technology in our jobs and in everyday communication. Some of our top sessions were Training Day: BWC - The Most Under-utilized Risk Management Tool, The Science of Redaction, and The Future of RMS. We'll be highlighting some of these sessions and their key learning points in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for those blog posts.

We'd like to thank everyone who joined forces at the conference and made it a great two days of discussion, feedback, and community.