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Axon's Edge

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Our Inside Axon blog series is updated every Wednesday and features letters from executives within Axon. This week's post was written by Gretchen Mastellon, Axon's VP of People Operations. Check back next week for more experiences and insight from Axon leaders.

Axon’s mission, Protect Life, is the magnet that attracts elite talent from diverse industries, geographies and backgrounds, and strongly influences why people stay or why they go. Our employees are immersed in a culture that not only adapts to the changes in business and the world, but that also uses its mission and values as a compass. Together, they guide us on our quest to create the most innovative technology focused on solving very real societal challenges. This is Axon's edge.

Diversity is more than a list of statistics to target or rest upon. It is a state of mind, a way of communicating, and a state of action. True diversity is gained through respectful and candid communication, through education and openness to realizing that there are other ways of thinking that are just plain different. Not inferior - DIFFERENT. At Axon, we are diversity. We strive to attract talent that is representative of the society we are committed to serving; people from all walks of life, genders, political views. Even more importantly, we seek constant innovation and strive to create conversations where minds are opened.

Can true diversity be achieved by a company? Well, that depends on every employee. Every person must be willing to be surrounded by people who think differently. Here at Axon, we don't reward sameness in thought but rather unity in values. We celebrate diversity in thought – and challenge “what we are” with “what we could be”. Would we be here if we didn't? Would there be an alternative to the bullet? Would truth be protected by the unbiased view of a camera amidst upheaval?

At Axon, people matter and so do our actions. We each bring distinct experiences and unique points of view to every situation. These allow us to uncover new challenges - new areas where we can make improvements. With each new discovery, good or bad, we ask ourselves, “what's stopping me from impacting this?”. We take the opportunity — we grab it with both hands. We don't wait until we have all the answers, or sit back honing finger-pointing skills. We seize the challenge and dare to impact one person or an entire society. We are Axon's edge. Owning it is powerful, winning right is powerful, joining forces is powerful, aiming far is powerful, being candid is powerful. With power comes some very scary moments on the edge, but also great rewards. Visibility, vulnerability and mistakes come along too - but who ever made a difference by doing nothing at all?

Axon's edge is what makes each of us proud to say “We Are Axon.” The edge is where we live and what we choose to create every day.