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Axon Super Powers - IACP 2018 Recap

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When you have epic product announcements like TASER 7, Axon Body 3 and Axon Records free for five years, you have to have an epic booth and customer experience to tell the story, right?

This year, Axon super-powered IACP, creating a graphic novel and booth experience that helped customers visualize how our products help take police from heroes to super heroes.

Customers at IACP were greeted with their own ION Force graphic novel and slick graphics and animations showing out all of Axons products help officers do amazing things.

Check out a video our IACP experience and get your own copy of ION Force, volume 1 here.

But, this year at Axon's booth, customers didn't just get to see our technology—they got to go hands-on with it.

Step into a virtual reality comic book world

It's one thing to read a graphic novel, but what about stepping inside one? Customers at IACP got to put Oculus Go™ headsets on and enter a comic book world. They listened to CEO Rick Smith discuss our new product offerings, surrounded by heroes and villains from the graphic world.

VR Empathy training

Within the virtual reality world, customers then got a chance to see a sampling of the future of training in public safety. In a 360-degree world, the audience was put in the position of someone having a psychotic break, and then put into the shoes of an officer responding to that episode. This small sample of empathy training highlights Axon's commitment to not only bring officers the most effective devices and software, but also the kind of deep, varied training that keeps you at peek performance.

The TASER 7 firing range

After their VR experience, customers were then given instruction into the TASER 7 and got a chance to fire one of the new CEWs with one-on-one instruction from a TASER Master Instructor.

One Republic Tribute

Axon put a very special tribute together in honor of our 25th anniversary. At our party, we brought in the band One Republic and put together a video to honor police to the song “I Lived.” A cell phone video of this performance and tribute montage was posted to Facebook and has since gone viral, seen over five million times.

Did you miss us at IACP? Not to worry. Axon has created our own thought-leadership conference, Accelerate. Reserve your tickets now.