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Information Security Threats Agencies Face

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Our “Security Minded” blog series is updated every week with need-to-know information about our commitment to keeping the data in safe. In our last video installment, Jenner Holden, SVP of Information Security at Axon, will touch on different types of cyberattacks – and how Axon keeps your information safe.

What does it mean to be under attack?

For the past few weeks, we've told you that online threats put your agency at risk for security breaches. But you may have been left wondering: what exactly do these attacks look like? And who is carrying them out?

Due to the nature of data collected in the field, law enforcement agencies have particularly large targets on their backs – leading to cyberattacks that come in many different forms, for many different reasons.

Why hackers strike

We’ve all seen it happen. A controversial incident takes place with an officer and the community demands body-worn camera footage – sometimes before it’s ready to be released. Politically charged activist groups, known as hacktivists, use their computer skills to try and obtain footage or other materials from your systems to use as propaganda. These hacktivists like to cause chaos, instilling doubt and mistrust in the community.

Other malicious parties may be motivated by profit or pride instead of social justice. Recently, they are using malicious software such as ransomware to take control of critical data, and then try and extort money to get access back. How much money can they make by breaking into your system? Can they even do it? No matter the reason, the stronger your security systems are, the further hackers are kept at bay.

Strength in numbers

Sometimes less is more… but not when it comes to your agency’s security. We believe there’s strength in numbers. When you partner with Axon, you join a network of agencies that spans across the globe.

The more agencies we have using our network, the more insight our team has for detecting and responding to attacks. Let’s say one agency gets attacked in Argentina. That same hacker can attack agencies in the U.S., Italy – you name it. When you work with Axon, our team can search for that initial attack and defend agencies in our entire network to keep everyone better protected.

Hackers are a real threat.

Especially in law enforcement. But, by staying proactive – and utilizing a secure platform like – you can keep hackers at bay and keep your data safe.

Want to learn more about the importance of information security and how Axon can help? Watch our latest security video and on-demand webinar to learn more about our compliance with national security standards, and read the details of our comprehensive CJIS compliance.