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Do You Spend More Time Dealing with the Technology on Your Toolbelt than Policing?

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The time it takes to ingest evidence is keeping your officers off the streets. It doesn’t have to.

Technology is changing the way we capture evidence and conduct investigations. Digital cameras can instantly capture images from a crime scene from as many angles as necessary, with little risk of running out of film or adding to department expenses. Digital video provides higher quality footage and a better understanding of what transpired in the field. And digital audio makes it easy for our officers to take statements from witnesses at the scene.

Unfortunately, this convenience is not being matched with the time-saving benefits it should have. When it comes to filing this new digital evidence, many law enforcement agencies still rely on decades-old procedures designed for ingesting physical evidence.

We know that every minute your officers are on the street, they’re making your community safer. To that end, we are committed to improving the way your officers work by making evidence capture easier, more secure, and significantly faster.

Picture officers getting ready to go into the field. First, they’ll need to make sure they have all the equipment they may need: Badge. TASER. Digital camera. Video camera. Voice recorder. Spare batteries and a couple of extra SD cards.

Now let’s say these officers encounter an accident. First they take photos from the scene. Then they record statements from witnesses. They might even capture a quick video of the surroundings.

After they’re done, they need to return to the station to log all those digital files into evidence. That means removing SD cards and uploading their files to a local digital storage system. Tagging the files with information from the notes taken at the scene. Connecting the files to an open case. Wiping the SD cards, or submitting them to evidence, too. And when all that’s done, they must return all the equipment to the charging stations, so it can be ready for the next day.

In other words, officers can spend a lot of their time dealing with technology, rather than policing.

What if you could still take advantage of new technology while streamlining your evidence-capturing processes?

Enter Axon Capture.

Our Axon Capture app for mobile phones provides a single, secure tool for your officers to capture digital evidence. And with, your officers can transfer evidence to a secure, cloud-based data management solution.

No more bags full of gear. No more messing with SD cards. No more relying on decades-old physical evidence procedures for cutting-edge technology.


Axon Capture eliminates the need for your officers to carry multiple, bulky capture devices in the field. Instead, your officers have access to a digital camera, video recorder, and audio recorder with the push of a button, all from their smartphones.

The smartphone is already a vital tool for most officers. According to a recent poll, 66% of law enforcement officers said they use their smartphones five or more times a day for work-related communications, so it only makes sense for agencies to take advantage of such a powerful tool. Axon Capture makes doing so easy, efficient, and secure.


Using the mobile technology most of your officers already have in the field also allows you to streamline your agency’s processes for ingesting digital evidence.

Rather than having to return to the station to transfer their evidence to your data storage system, an officer with Axon Capture can immediately upload digital files to their account right from the scene.

Using 3G, 4G or a Wi-Fi connection, data is securely transferred over an encrypted SSL connection and then stored in our 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard cloud-based evidence locker.

Axon Capture also ensures all of your evidence is stored in one centralized location and nowhere else. The Axon Capture app will only upload files to, so you can rest assured that your case files will never be left vulnerable, transferred to a non-secure location, or tampered with.

Axon Capture simplifies the process of ingesting vital details about your digital files into evidence. Photos and videos are tagged with an officer’s current location. Additionally, officers can tag their digital files with relevant details while on the scene, when the details are fresh. If they need to verify any information, they can do so on the spot, before the file is uploaded.


Your officers shouldn’t have to return to the station early or put in overtime to upload their digital files into evidence. That’s valuable time they could spend on the streets or back home with their families. Using the Axon Capture mobile app, your officers can manage evidence ingestion on the fly, while they are actively doing the job they were meant to do.

This can also mean valuable savings for your department. We know providing a mobile phone for every officer seems like an expensive proposition. But every minute an officer spends inside doing unnecessary work is time you need to either provide additional coverage on the street or pay out overtime.

For example, Washington’s Redmond Police Department is estimated to have saved over $1,100 per officer each year after using and Axon Capture.

When you factor that kind of cost savings with the extra time your officers have on the streets, working with your communities, and the added security a cloud-based digital evidence management system provides, it becomes clear that our Axon solutions are what you need to simplify your evidence-processing workflow.