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Pushing Prevention: Oxnard, CA Axon Citizen Case Study

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About Oxnard, CA PD

  • Population: 208,000
  • Number of Sworn Officers: 227
  • Axon Products Used: Taser CEWs, Axon Flex,, Axon Citizen for Officers, Axon Citizen for Communities


Oxnard PD implemented Axon Citizen for Officers in December of 2017 and leveraged Citizen for Communities as an early access partner in June of 2018. Soon after rolling out the service, the department realized the potential crime deterrence possibilities in addition to the inherent time-saving and efficiency-adding conveniences.

About Axon Citizen

With Axon Citizen, you can invite individual witnesses – or an entire community – to submit photos and videos of an incident directly to your agency.

Citizen for Officers – allows officers to send out individual invites to witnesses directly from Axon Capture or

Citizen for Communities – create public evidence submission portals that allow agencies to collect evidence from the public during both large-scale and smaller, day-to-day events.


  • Evidence collection from citizens and organizations is cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Neighborhood and community watch organizations can be better utilized.

Implementation & Early Results

870 pieces of citizen evidence in 8 months

Oxnard PD had immediate, impactful, widespread adoption of Axon Citizen for Officers. All Oxnard officers have iPhones and are able to use the Axon Capture app to collect evidence quickly and in an organized way.

“In just our typical uses I'd say we're saving ourselves about an hour to an hour and twenty minutes in each instance.” – Sergeant Mark Amon, Crime Reduction Unit

Detectives are able to use Citizen for Officers from their desk, as are civilian missing persons specialists.

“For missing persons, most people have photographs on their phones. So it's just so much easier to send them a link. And the streamlined evidence management process has helped put the department in positions for future success.” – Sergeant Mark Amon

Oxnard PD has even promoted Axon Citizen for Communities as part of their Eyes On Crime program – a partnership with local communities and neighborhood watch groups. Setting up communities portals allows the department to easily receive video and pictures from smart phones, along with video surveillance footage from homes equipped with Ring or Nest systems.

“It's acting as a deterrent for us. We've seen around a 5% drop in crime rate so far and will continue to watch.” – Sergeant Mark Amon

What's to Come

Some major retailers in the area have been quicker than others to begin using email evidence submission links. The department intends to become more active in demonstrating to benefits to these retailers. Oxnard PD will also continue to monitor crime rates and look for other methods to better define the value of Axon Citizen when it comes to crime prevention.