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Security by Design

How our products and practices tie into our security mission

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Our “Security Minded” blog series is updated every week with need-to-know information about our commitment to keeping the data in safe. In this third video installment, Jenner Holden, SVP of Information Security at Axon, will walk you through the products and practices that elevate our security program—and your data's security—to the next level.

How we make our products secure

What does it mean to think like a hacker?

It may seem like a strange mindset, but at Axon, that's how our information security engineers think. You know the age-old saying “know thy enemy”? With body-worn cameras changing the landscape of malicious cyberattacks, information security is like a chess match—you need to plan your moves well in advance to outsmart your opponent.

By the time you've chosen Axon to protect your data in's secure servers, we've already made several moves on your behalf. At the beginning of the development process for any new products or features, our information security engineers put themselves in a hacker's shoes and try to predict their moves. They sketch out possible ways that a malicious party could infiltrate, then take measures to close those loopholes. This means our products are secure before they get to you. And what happens after a product or feature is released? We keep testing, and bring in outside security experts to look for vulnerabilities and assess our products' security levels throughout their entire lifecycles.

Certifications affirm our program

Many agencies view compliance with the standards put forth by CJIS, ISO, and CSA Star as prerequisites for their third-party cloud providers, so we're proud to offer the most comprehensive adherence with these parties around. We've coordinated CJIS vendor requirements for nine states and counting to make it even easier to integrate into your agency. Regardless of your state's status, our products meet or exceed all the CJIS standards, fully covering authentication, encryption, auditing, and more.

We haven't stopped there. FedRAMP, which evaluates cloud-based storage providers for use in the federal government, selected us to go through their Joint Authorization Board accreditation process. We are currently “FedRAMP-ready” and looking forward to continuing to affirm that our security practices are up to the standard of what you and your agencies need.

Why we do what we do

In our minds, it's always better to be proactive than reactionary. That's why we predict and prevent threats throughout our design processes. It's why we seek out certifications for our compliance efforts, always striving to stay on top of the latest standards and go beyond what's required. Our practices and products keep us ahead of the game. Nobody makes us do these things—but it's how we ensure that we are always earning and keeping your trust. Simply put, it's our way of proving the security promises we make.

Want to learn more about the importance of information security and how Axon can help? Watch our latest security video and on-demand webinar to learn more about our compliance with national security standards, and read the details of our comprehensive CJIS compliance. Don't forget to check back next week for our next "Security Matters" post!

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