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The Importance of Information Security

How you safeguard your data is critical to successful BWC programs

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Our “Security Minded” blog series will be updated each week for the next month with need-to-know information about our commitment to keeping the data in safe, building secure devices, and helping you protect your agency.

Here at Axon, our mission is to protect life. We do this by offering better alternatives. Better alternatives to lethal weapons. Better alternatives to hours of paperwork and workflow runarounds. And when it comes to information security, the best alternative to less-secure systems that place pressure on your agency's resources and leave you vulnerable to attacks and breaches.

Changing technology and shifting threats

Body-worn cameras have completely changed the landscape of information security for law enforcement agencies. Setting aside how and where you store the data, the question becomes: How do you keep the piles of new evidence safe? Because along with everything BWCs do to boost public confidence in law enforcement and uphold the truth, they also bring renewed focus from enemies—and new targets for these enemies to attack. Security of sensitive data is more important than ever, but it's also more difficult to defend than ever. We saw it in the takedown of Yahoo's servers; in the massive breach of information from eBay; even in the DNC leaks. The attackers who want to stir up chaos, cause doubt and distrust, and release private information are becoming bolder and better. Which means you have to be better too.

How agencies can keep up

Today, law enforcement agencies can try to protect information in a few different ways. Some go with an in-house data management system in the hopes that a DIY approach will help them save budget. But that often means scores of servers and more work for a resident IT staff already dealing with multiple applications. And the more data that piles in, the harder it becomes for these agencies to juggle it all and keep it secure.

In light of these challenges, other agencies decide to turn to the cloud, which is a good step for many. But what they soon find is that not all clouds are created equal—especially when it comes to information security. It can be hard to tell which third-party cloud-based storage providers build their own security programs and incorporate compliance standards throughout their processes, and which ones just base claims to security on outside partnerships; for example, inappropriately leaning on their cloud infrastructure providers' compliance instead of their own. This distinction makes a difference, because when a cloud provider doesn't maximize security throughout their infrastructure and their applications, that's where information can slip through the cracks. 'Cloud' isn't automatically synonymous with 'secure', but with the right people, practices, and products in place, it can be much more effective than alternatives.

Here's where Axon comes in

Next to the other options, Axon's security program in the cloud stands out in a few ways. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, so Axon is in charge of just about everything in the overall delivery of your service. That means secure compute services, 24/7 support staff, comprehensive, industry-exceeding security standards and trusted software all in one bundle. We built and all its features with security in mind, meaning we know our product so well that we can immediately spot and resolve any issues before they even come up on your radar. But that doesn’t mean your information belongs to us. It’s all yours. Think of us like house-sitters: All of the valuables inside belong to you, but we make sure that no burglars are getting in. And this comprehensive security isn’t an add-on or an extra cost. It’s just what we do.

Ok, Axon's is secure. But what does that mean, really?

Glad you asked. In the next few weeks, we'll be going deeper in several areas of our information security program so you can better understand everything we do to protect your data. It's about much more than encryption, compliance, vulnerability testing or tech specs. It's about a culture that we've created across our entire organization. It's in our design process and our daily operations. In short, it's in every aspect of the Axon network, and it comes standard when you become a part of it. Information security is too important to settle for less, or for “good enough”. With information breaches and hacks a bigger threat than ever, we don't want to think about the alternative.

Check back next week for the second installment of our “Security Minded” series to learn about the people dedicated to protecting your data. Want to learn more about the importance of information security and how Axon can help? Watch the video above, check out our webinar to find out more about our compliance with national security standards, and read the details of our comprehensive CJIS compliance.

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