Axon Body 2

Recording evidence is just the beginning.

When you need to stay focused, count on Axon Body 2 to record the situation at hand. This single-unit, on-officer camera features unlimited HD video and industry-leading security enhancements.

  • HD Video and Dual Audio Channels

    Record in low-light and HD, and make voices more distinct with automatic tuning and noise reduction.

  • Wireless Activation

    Axon Signal reports events, like when you open the car door or activate the light bar, so your camera can start recording.

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

    Use Wi-Fi to stream videos and Bluetooth to assign metadata.

  • Mobile App

    Connect with Axon View to stream, tag, and replay videos from your phone.

  • Pre-event Buffer

    Configure your pre-event buffer time to capture up to 2 minutes before an event.

  • Unmatched Durability

    Handle in extreme weather and brutal conditions.

  • Full-Shift Battery

    Record for more than 12 hours.

  • Optional Mute

    Disable audio to support dual-party consent.

  • In-Field Tagging

    Mark any important points in your video.

  • Axon RapidLock Mounts

    Keep your shot steady with versatile mounts.

Product Specification

Video Resolution

1080P / 720P / 480P

Video Format


Field of View


Battery Life

12+ hrs


64 GB

Record Time

Up to 70 hrs

Pre-Event Buffer Audio


IP Rating


US Military Standard


Drop Test

6 ft [1.8 m]

Operating Temperature

-4° F to 122° F [-20° C to 50° C]

Unlimited HD and unparalleled confidence in the field

Recording evidence is just the beginning - capture and stream video with complete integration in our suite of mobile and cloud applications. Fill out the form to contact our sales team, or view our purchasing options to learn more.

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