Manually transferring files is a thing of the past.

Upload evidence in any format, from any source to Evidence Sync is a desktop-based application that enables you to manage evidence from one location and access it anytime, anywhere. New and old sources – from Axon devices to SD cards and CDs – are equally supported, so you can feel confident that all of your files will sync. With Evidence Sync, hard drives and desktop folders can be scheduled to sync automatically and continue to upload even after you log out. That means at the end of a shift, you can sign off and sign out. Evidence Sync will finish your uploads in the background.

  • Easy uploads

    Upload evidence of any type, from any source

  • Automate workflows

    Schedule automatic file uploads from specified folders

  • Annotate video

    Annotate video files painlessly using Evidence Sync

Product Specification

Operating Systems

Windows XP and Windows 7

Supported Products

CEWs: TASER X26, X2, X26P, and X3
CEW Accessories: TASER Cam, TASER Cam HD
Cameras: Axon Body and Body 2, Axon Flex and Flex 2, Axon Fleet

Transfer files with confidence

Simplify your workflow with Evidence Sync, which allows you to upload, access, and manage evidence all from one location. Fill out the form to contact our sales team, or download the app to use with your existing products.

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