Get the footage. Keep your focus.

Evidence is everything. The moment you draw your firearm, Signal Sidearm wirelessly alerts nearby Axon cameras to begin recording. Now you can confidently capture the scene from start to finish, without pressing a button.

  • Versatile

    Designed to work with the most popular regulation holsters, so no new purchase is needed.

  • Subtle

    Sits seamlessly on your holster. Officers should experience no difference in their range of motion and the feel of their draw.

  • Connected

    Creates an audit report in that logs each time the camera was alerted by Signal Sidearm.

  • Wireless

    Free of wires and cables for maximum officer mobility.

  • Personal

    Assigned-Officer Activation allows an officer's camera(s) to only be activated by the officer's Signal Sidearm.*

    * This is an agency-wide setting that is configurable in
    * Assigned-Officer Activation does not affect Multi-cam functionality

Signal Sidearm helps you capture what counts.

In today’s online culture where videos go viral in an instant, officers must capture the truth of a critical event. But the intensity of the moment can mean that hitting ‘record’ is an afterthought. Both officers and communities facing confusion and unrest have asked for a solution that turns cameras on reliably, leaving no room for dispute.

Capture vital footage without lifting a finger

Put the focus on critical situations, not your camera, with Signal Sidearm. Fill out the form to contact our sales team, download product cards below, or view our purchasing options to learn more.

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