Axon View

One app. Instant video playback.

Video evidence at your fingertips

Live video streaming. Instant replay. And on-the-spot evidence. That’s the power of Axon View. This mobile application turns your routine video into valuable evidence, and it lets you do your job without distractions by automatically filing your video into the correct retention schedule. When you need it, evidence can be accessed quickly with a simple keyword search. When events are unfolding, Axon View connects with your Axon camera to provide instant video playback and GPS tagging – from the field, in the field, so you can get to the truth faster than ever before.

  • Instant replay:

    Prevent dispute over recorded events

  • Live video streaming

    Ensure optimal camera placement

  • GPS tagging

    Automatically map video evidence with real-time tagging of metadata

Product Specification


Android: Android Devices Version 2.3 and above | Apple iOS 6.0 and above on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


English, Spanish, and French

Get to the truth, in the field

Connect your mobile device with your Axon camera to provide instant video playback and GPS tagging through Axon View, our smartphone application. Fill out the form to contact our sales team, or view our purchasing options, or download the app.

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