Redaction Assistant

Automatic redaction of screens, faces, and license plates | AI-powered workflows | Integrated into Axon Evidence (

Redaction Assistant was designed to handle the most common objects found in body-worn videos, saving you time so you can focus on more complex work. Pull up a video in Axon Evidence's Redaction Studio, and Redaction Assistant will automatically identify the screens, faces and license plates in the footage. As the results come through in real-time, you can review the Redaction Assistant masks — or simply wait to view the results when you're done with other tasks, since Redaction Assistant will stay running even when your computer is off.

Features & Benefits:

  • MDT redaction: Automatically track and blur the MDT screens in a video.
  • Face redaction: Detect up to 15 faces simultaneously in a video. Learn more here.
  • License plate redaction: Identify and redact all the license plates in your footage.
  • Objection confirmation: After the MDTs, faces and license plates are detected, decide which ones to move forward with redacting.
  • Background scanning: Have the flexibility to let Redaction Assistant run even when your computer is off.
  • Seamless integration: Built into Axon Evidence's Redaction Studio, Redaction Assistant can be turned on almost instantly — no additional software required.
  • Ease of use: Since Redaction Assistant is an add-on to your existing Redaction Studio platform, it takes almost no time to master.
  • Continuous improvements: Expect higher accuracy over time as Redaction Assistant is updated.
  • Quick course correction: If Redaction Assistant ever makes a mistake, easily create a new mask or extend an existing one to cover any missed spots.

Interested in helping us improve the Assistant?
Agencies like yours helped build the Redaction Assistant by sharing their data with Axon. If you want to help develop products that will work better for your specific agency, consider joining Axon's Data Sharing Program. To learn more or sign up, please reach out to your Axon account manager, or email

For videos with large crowds, we recommend using the “skin blur” feature in Axon Evidence.

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