We're Transparent

Axon is built for our customers. We are clear about what we do, what we provide and how we provide it.

We explain things clearly in our contracts

Our contracts are written so our customers can understand them. We detail out critical elements including data ownership, our commitments to security, and how we store and manage your data to your instruction.

We use industry standard formats

We have all experienced when you can’t open or play back a file because it’s in a format that locks you into a specific vendor product. It’s super annoying. We don’t do that. Axon products use non-proprietary, industry-leading video formats—no expensive software or time-intensive conversions required. We also allow for bulk export of your evidence data out of Evidence.com in case you want to try another system. We will win and retain your business by providing great products and an awesome user experience, not by restricting your ability to leave.

Our pricing is clear and consistent

We enable all customers to avoid bill shock by providing a live system usage dashboard, offering unlimited data plans and making available numerous financing options. No one likes when there are unexpected charges on your phone or cable bill. Axon lets you avoid that.

You rely on Evidence.com - we make sure it’s available

We challenge ourselves to meet customers' Evidence.com availability expectations, and that’s why we have implemented Service Level Standards to hold ourselves accountable if we don't meet those levels.

We’re open to questions

Have questions about Axon security and trust practices? Need to perform an audit to ensure our security? We are here to help and are open to appropriately scoped customer audits.

We challenge and test ourselves

We are confident that we build secure and trustworthy products, but we don't stop there: we make ourselves prove it on a continuous basis. To ensure our processes meet our rigorous internal requirements, we impose ourselves to 3rd party assessments including ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 and at least quarterly penetration tests of Evidence.com.

We communicate your responsibilities

In any cloud computing service, some operational and security elements remain the responsibility of the users. We clearly outline and assist you in understanding and achieving those responsibilities. We are secure, and want you to be secure as well. Learn more here.